Code Camp For Kids

Kids Code Camp - ICTEL EXPO 2017

This year, the ICTEL Expo has incoporated a code camp for kids aged 10 - 18. At the code camp, children will learn one of the most valuable skills in the world today - computer coding.  Registration is FREE!.

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Workshop Breakdown

Day 1
Session 1
Virtual Reality Workshop for Teens -11-18 years old
Objective: Learn about the Virtual Reality space and its importance in technology

The Workshop will be divided into two classes
1. Theory
2. Practical Class

Morning Session 10am – 1pm
• What is Virtual Reality?
• History of Virtual Reality
• Basics of how Virtual Reality works
• Uses of Virtual Reality
• Virtual Reality in Nigeria
• The future of Virtual Reality
• VR Practical examples

Lunch Break: 1-1:45pm
Afternoon Session: 2pm -5pm
Practical Class
• Demonstration on Virtual Reality
• Using the Virtual reality gadgets

Session 2 - Tech Entrepreneurship
Session 3 - The Internet of Things

Morning Session: (10am- 12noon)
Tech Entrepreneurship Workshop
Session 1
a. Invited Guests Speakers to speak on the following topics
• An overview about Tech Entrepreneurship
• The future of Tech entrepreneurship and the economy
• The 21st Century Serial Tech Entrepreneurs
• Success stories In Nigeria

b. A look at Teen Tech Entrepreneurs

Five Teenagers will be invited on stage to share their experiences on what they have done so far to build their tech skills and what plans they have for the future.

Afternoon Session: (1pm – 5pm)
The Internet of Things (IoT)
The session will be divided into two parts
1. Theory
2. Practical Classes
Invited Guests Speakers to speak on the following topics
• The Internet of Things is the next big. The story of Jarvis
• Inspiring the future of IoT
• Internet of Things will fire up the Next Generation of Engineers

Practical Classes
Practical demonstration of the Internet of things in our daily lives

Lego Robotics (5 to 10 years old Class)

Day 1 & 2
Getting Started: Set up the robot and learn about its basic operation and maintenance
Big Ideas: Five big ideas that will be important throughout the course
Using the Software: General usage patterns in the EV3 Programming Software

Behaviours Unit
Movement: Use sequential commands to make the robot move and turn
Sensors: Use Sensors to stop the robot in different situations
Decisions: Use Loops and Switches to control the program with smarter decisions

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