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ICTEL Startup Pitch 2019

ICTEL Expo / ICTEL Startup Pitch 2019


The ICTEL 2019 Startup Pitch is a sponsored category created to provide investment opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors.  The ICTEL Pitch will highlight boarding startups with great tech related business ideas.

Are you an entrepreneur or a boarding startup founder? Give your project a big boost at the ICTEL Expo 2019.  The ICTEL Startup Pitch is an excellent opportunity for founders and investors

Benefits of the Pitch Session to ICTEL

  1. Promotion
  2. It gives them content for the whole event
  3. The pitch event will help them get sponsors


Benefits of the Pitch Session to Sponsors.

  1. Promotion/Publicity
  2. Sponsors have access to possible investment portfolio.
  3. Sponsors can add it as part of their CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility).
  4. The event will also create an avenue for market research for the Sponsors

Benefits of the Pitch Session to Startups.

  1. It helps startups to promote their company.
  2. It exposes startups to industry policy makers.
  3. It exposes startups to investment opportunities.
  4. Gives them access to grants/funds.
  5. Exposes them to the market for acceptability test


Benefits of the Pitch Session to the Panelist

  1. Additional publicity/exposure.
  2. Recognition Awards
  3. They get to know about new ideas from the other stakeholders