Pitch theater is a platform for tech entrepreneurs to present their planned businesses to potential investors. Done in partnership with the leading incubation centers in Nigeria and selected ICT & Technology Departments of institutions of higher learning in Nigeria. Each application would have been pre-screened and only the finalists will be given opportunities to pitch during ICTEL.

WHO IS IT FOR: Tech start-ups less than 3 years old and aspiring entrepreneurs with well developed product and business plan in the ICT & Telecommunications Sectors.

MODE: Applications will be pre-screened using well defined criteria and only the top ten applications will be selected for the pitch at the Expo proper.

The Screening Committee comprise of top professionals and experience business people. Each of the applications will be screened using a modular scoring method (each scoring criterion will have a maximum score of ten and minimum of zero).

Each pitch will last a maximum of 15 minutes divided into 10 minutes pitch and 5 minutes engagement by the potential investors

Notable Venture Capital firms and Angel Investors will be invited to the pitch.

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The Competition encourages plans for new businesses, as well as from early stage companies. An early stage, or seed stage, company typically is at the inventor stage where there is an idea, a concept, or even a product, but little or no income has been raised.



The Screening Round is the first hurdle for applicants participating in the Pitch Theatre. Applicants submit their business plan executive summaries online. Each business plan executive summary is read and scored by the Panel of Judges, using strictly defined criteria. The criteria (explained below) are scored on a scale of one to ten. The total cumulative score across each of the criterium are computed to determine the total grade for each of the applicants.


NOTE: Scoring based on 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest)

Overall Impression Of The Executive Summary

  • Does the summary adequately describe the idea - does the idea make sense?
  • Has the team adequately described the pain in the marketplace?
  • Has the team presented a feasible solution?
  • Is the summary well written?
  • Does the summary create excitement?

Management Team

  • Does this management team (or individual) have the skills required to execute the plan?

Market Opportunity

  • Has the market and economic opportunity been adequately described?
  • Has the value proposition been clearly stated?
  • Is it a viable model?

Competitive Strategy

  • Has the team completely analyzed its competitive space?
  • Does the summary clearly identify the company’s initial competitive advantage or differentiator?
  • Does the team have an adequate strategy for defending their market position?

Go To Market Strategy

  • Is it clear how the company will reach its initial customers?
  • Does the summary clearly identify a sales strategy?
  • Is the distribution plan clearly defined and reasonable?


  • Are the financials consistent with the overall plan?
  • Are the assumptions realistic?
  • Are contingencies and exit strategies addressed?
  • Does the plan describe the funding/resources required to execute on the plan?



Date Event Details
From Registration Begins
(plan submission)


Submit via the pitch theatre registration page on the ICTEL website.


Review and screening of all submissions.

Done by the judges using agreed criteria.

Announcement of Applicants  

Via email , on the ictel website and on social media accounts of ICTEL


Shortlisted applicants give their presentations to the assembled investors.



To participate, simply send your Business Plan Summary to pitch@ictelexpo.com.ng

Document must be a Powerpoint File.

Your mail should also contain the applicant's Name, Location and Phone Number