“What good is an idea if it remains an idea? Try. Experiment. Fail. Try again. Change the world.“

Simon Sinek (born 1973), Author, motivational-consultant

Join 20+ startups to launch your idea

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The 5 key areas for 2023 ICTEL EXPO #techdisrupt

Countdown to Registration deadline - 20th June, 2023.

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Check our FAQs to get more information.

What is the purpose of this startup pitch event?

The purpose of this startup pitch event is to provide a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas, gain exposure, and potentially secure investment and support for their startups.

How can I participate in the pitch event?

To participate in the pitch event, you need to submit an application through our start-up pitch web page. Afterwards, Applicant will upload a short video describing the innovation on their personal Instagram and LinkedIn, tag the event page and all stakeholders. The video should typically include a demonstration about your startup, such as its concept, market potential, and team members. The applications will be reviewed, and selected startups will be invited to pitch at the event.

What criteria are used to select the startups for pitching?

The selection of startups for pitching is based on various factors, including the uniqueness and viability of the business idea, the potential market impact, the strength of the team, and the scalability of the startup. Our panel of experts carefully evaluates each application to ensure a diverse and high-quality lineup of startups.

How long will each startup have to present their pitch?

Each startup will typically have a designated time slot to present their pitch, which usually ranges from 5 to 10 minutes. This timeframe allows startups to succinctly present their key points and capture the audience's attention.

Will there be a Q&A session after each pitch?

Yes, after each pitch, there will be a Q&A session where the audience, as well as a panel of judges or mentors, can ask questions to the presenting startup. This session offers an opportunity for further clarification and deeper exploration of the startup's concept, strategy, and other relevant aspects.

Can I bring promotional materials or handouts for my startup?

Yes, you are welcome to bring promotional materials or handouts related to your startup. We encourage startups to have concise and visually appealing materials that provide an overview of their business, including contact information, key features, and any relevant achievements or milestones.

What are the prizes or benefits for the winning startup(s)?

The prizes or benefits for the winning startup(s) include monetary prizes, workspace vouchers, mentorship opportunities, access to a network of investors, potential partnerships, and other forms of support to help accelerate the growth and development of the winning startup(s).

Can I invite other team members or colleagues to attend the event?

Yes, you are welcome to invite

Hear from past winners!

The ICTEL EXPO startup pitch was our launch into business. We are grateful for the platform

Vatebra Tech Hub Innovation and Start-Up Hub

Things started to get real after we won the 2019 startup pitch. Apart from the prize money, we met several investors and professionals that helped our growth stage.

Edu Point Ed Tech Start-Up (Winner 2019 edition)

Though we didn't get any prizemoney, but the expo was our platform to launch officially and things picked up.

Akowe Edtech startup